Our Story

Quiet Skin was founded by two best friends who probably have no business starting a skincare company.

As tradies, Dean and Wade naturally spent a lot of time outdoors under the hot sun, sweating and generally getting very dirty. Luckily, they were introduced to the benefits of SPF and skincare in their early 20s.

And while their daily skincare routine attracted raised eyebrows and a fair amount of teasing from their peers, as the years went on the benefits of an adherence to skincare began to show (literally) on their faces.

After decades of trying different products, they came to develop an understanding of what worked for their skin (and what didn’t).

Combined with a desire for more inclusive skincare that would appeal to their friends, they had the lofty ambition to start their own skincare range. After years of research, testing and working with the best manufacturers in Australia, they released their first range of products that are effective, anti-ageing and simple to use.

Our Purpose

Quiet Skin was developed with anti-ageing and prevention at the forefront. We’ve crafted a range of products designed to protect against the damaging aspects of sun exposure and everyday irritants while helping to give you younger-looking skin.

Our approach to product development is driven by a focus on effective, largely plant-based formulations that suit every skin type. We blend best-in-class botanical ingredients with effective, science-backed formulations to deliver skincare that supports, protects and enhances your skin’s health.

We believe that how you feel about our products is just as important as their effectiveness. We have worked closely with our manufacturers to improve sustainability at every stage of production – and we continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our goal is to create effective skincare so good you’ll want to shout about it.

  • Skin Pro

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    Skin Pro

    A daily ritual for your skin, featuring our complete collection of skincare for face and body. Whether you’re a skincare starter or after a complete effective-yet-gentle anti-ageing skincare routine, Skin

  • Skin Serious

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    Skin Serious

    Your complete day/night skincare essentials in one convenient kit. For people serious about good skin (you!) who want an effective, nourishing and fuss-free skincare routine for morning and night (also you!)

  • Daily Essentials

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    Daily Essentials

    Take excellent care of your skin with this trio of hardworking products, made for every face, every day.

    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Gently remove sweat &
  • Starter Pack

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    Starter Pack

    A two-pack of skin essentials for a simple, highly-effective daily skincare ritual. Cleaning up is the first and last step for any job. It’s the same with your skincare routine.